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Psycho Counselling and Psychotherapy

Vivekanantha Psychological Counselling Center

Child  Parents Personal Counselling,

Vivekanantha Psychological Counselling Centre offers supportive counselling to

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Excessive crying
  • Eating problems
  • Shyness
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Temper tantrums
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears
  • Bullying, or being bullied
  • Wetting
  • Soiling
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Stealing
  • School refusal
  • Anxiety
  • Delinquency
  • Psychosomatic illness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Study problems
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Others

It may be helpful to list some of the sorts of symptoms of upset that bring families for help. It cannot be a complete list, because there are as many worries as there are children, but these are just some of the signs of emotional distress.

Please Note: we do not provide direct counselling under the age of 13 years. Just we will interact with child. We will counsel the Parents only.

Couples Personal Counselling
For Married, Live in relationships, Extra marital relationship etc...
Marriage life needs to give a sense of belonging, stability, security and responsibility. Marriage brings along with it care, love, togetherness, support, expectations, perseverance and a very important unflinching devotion. But present days, we hear a many of marriages ending in divorce especially love marriages. Main complaints of lack of compatibility, understanding, support, infidelity, and the list are endless with un explainable reasons. Main fact is that we are under much stress these days. Our work, family and changing society demands a more from us. The prime basic necessity of any relationship is "communication". VPCC help both the partners to have healthy & effective communication.

Vivekanantha Psychological Counselling Centre offers supportive counselling to move toward a satisfying, loving and creative long-term relationship. 

A few of the problems that crop up among couples,
  • Pre-marital counselling for those who are to enter marriage
  • Post marital counselling – those who facing struggle in their marriage life
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Difficulty with Intimacy
  • Couples who needs to end their relationship & like to part with dignity.
  • Failing marriages
  • Couples who likes to improve their relationship
  • Pre and post natal counselling.
  • Differences in ways of Parenting.

Although counselling is a unique experience for each couple,

Our Counselling helps to
Balancing work, family, relationship, and “alone” time. Understanding & appreciating how individual and family history impacts relationships. Having more fun together. Clarifying assumptions and expectations both partners have about each other and the relationship. Helps to Improving communication, conflict-resolution and negotiation styles. Increasing and enriching intimacy. Acquiring more effective parenting skills

Individual: Personal Counselling
Business People, Professionals, Students, House wives, etc
In the present time many people are subjected to high levels of mental and physical stress due to over expectations and high achievements both at work and in relationships. Limited physical capacity and time often box them in. Some do not have the support of the family or society and they find it difficult to cope.

Times are changing with
·         Competitive work environment,
·         Hectic work and life styles,
·         Family commitments,
·         Relationship pressures and
·         Need to reach personal and professional goals

So coping with this many of the peoples need for some form of psychological guidance and support to help them.

We provide individual care taking counselling for the Individuals in a confidential situation that will give them the opportunity to face any difficulties that they are experiencing in their life at present, as a result they discover their prospective and power to make changes most fit for them to manage their life in healthier ways and live more effectively with a greater sense of well being.

We provide counselling for some common issues most of us face today include:
  • Fired from jobs
  • Difficulty in relationships
  • Low Self - Esteem: e.g.  Aggressive, Submissive behaviours
  • Balancing work and home life
  • Battered by their spouses
  • Grappling with terminal diseases
  • Handling problem children
  • Managing conflicting cultural values
  • Depression, Loneliness, Anxieties and fears
  • Study - related problems
  • Managing the stresses of an accelerating pace of life
  • Hounded by self-doubt, Tortured by unreasonable fears
  • Addicted to alcohol or drugs
  • Handling conflict situations – e.g. managing aged parents
  • Involved in failing marriages
  • Victimised by discrimination
  • Others
Some of the problems and typical concerns include:
  • Stress, Burnout
  • Addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs, etc
  • Relationship issues at work or in family.
  • Involved in failing marriages
  • Business Problems, Work place issues.
  • Sexual abuse and domestic violence
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental and emotional problems and disorders
  • Adopting to life transitions
  • Others...
While dealing with these issues, most of them feel Stressed, Confused, Anxious, Depressed, Angry and Alienated:

As a result, work as well as professional and personal relationships suffers.

So our process of counselling is taking care for everyone,

Here are some general benefits of counselling
  • Increasing personal and professional effectiveness
  • Improving relationship skills
  • Increasing your awareness of feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviour
  • Enhancing self-authority
  • Improved self-esteem and self-image
  • Acquiring a better understanding of past influences in your life and how they currently affect you now and ways to manage them.
  • Developing new, more satisfying approaches to dealing with daily life

There are three ways that you can consult me.

1-Face to Face Counselling
Face to Face or Personal Counselling is one of the most effective ways of consultation. We will be 
meeting at our office at an appointed date and time, in this form of counselling, the session is strictly between the psychologist and the client. able to use a variety of body language cues- gestures, facial expressions, posture, and tone of voice and provide certain therapeutic interventions and exercises The talking, listening and the treatment is focused only on the problems of one patient and remain confidential. For Face to Face counselling, prior appointment is mandatory.
For appointments: Please call +91 9786901830 or Mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com

2-Telephonic Counselling
Telephone Counselling is convenient for those who are not able to have face to face counselling. The sessions, scheduled for 50 to 60 minutes, will be conducted over the phone with the psychologist. You need
 to call on mutually agreed time at particular telephone number given to you at the time of taking appointment... Travel time is saved and costs are considerably reduced. For phone consultation prior appointment is mandatory.
For appointments: Please call +91 9786901830 or Mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com

3- e-counselling

E-counselling means you will consult the psychologist through email; e-counselling is convenient for those who are not able to have face to face counselling & telephonic counselling. The sessions, scheduled for 10 to 20 emails within 15 days. You need to mail to given email id, you will receive reply within two working days. Our response mail date will be consider as first day. In e counseling Travel time is saved and costs are considerably reduced. For e-consultation you need to mail your problem along with payment receipt or evidence. Mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com

Language for  Counselling –Tamil & English

For Direct Consultation
Please Visit
Dr.D.Senthil Kumar, B.H.M.S., M.D(Alt Med)., M.Phil(Psy)
Consulting Homoeopath & Psychologist

Vivekanantha Homoeo Clinic & Psychological Counselling Center
Dr.Senthil Kumar’s Consultation Schedule

Head Office

Wednesday to Saturday:- 10.00am to 1.30pm &
5.00pm to 8.30pm
Sunday: - 11.00am to 03.00pm
(Consultation by Appointment only)
For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168,
82 & 83, 1st floor,
Velachery Railway Station Road,
Annai Indira Nagar,
(Very Next Building To Velachery Railway Station), Velachery
Chennai 600042
Branch Office

Every Saturday:
11.00am to 02.00pm
(Consultation by Appointment only)
For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168,

Branch Office

Monday & Tuesday.
10.00am to 12.45pm &
05.30pm to 8.30pm
(Consultation by Appointment only)
For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168,
126, Chennai Salai,
(Near Raliway Gate, Direct Opposite to Lakshmi Villas Bank ATM), Panruti-607106,
Cuddalore District,
Tamil Nadu, India

Ø  We are taking only minimum number of patients per day.
Ø  We are allotting 40 to 5o minutes for new patients & 15 to 20 minutes for follow-ups.
Ø  So be there at time to avoid unwanted waiting
Ø  we concentrate more to patient’s privacy, so we are allotting 40 to 50 minutes/client – “so be there at time”
Ø  We treat Many Diseases, so no one can know for what problem you are taking the treatment – So feel free to talk with Doctor and visit the Clinic.

For Appointment
Please call: 09443054168, 09786901830
Please call the Doctor and explain your problems in short, then SMS your Name – Mobile Number - Problem in Single word - date and day of appointment (Eg: Rajini - 99xxxxxxx0 – Psoriasis – 21st Oct Sunday )
You will receive Appointment details through SMS

You can book Phone appointment via our
Vivekanantha Homeopathy Clinic & The “Psychologist” Counseling Center
24*7 Health Line:-  76 6720 9080

Pls Dial 76 6720 9080
ü  You will hear a recorded voice
ü  Press 1 to Connect Clinic or to Talk with Doctor
ü  Press 2 to Book Appointment
ü  Press 4 to know Clinic Address (also You will receive address through SMS)
ü  Press 5 to know Clinic Timings
ü  Press 6 to Record your Problems (Doctor will listen your problems, and he will let you know his free timings through SMS, you can call Doctor on said timings – Pls call on Said timings only, and share your problems in short – Don’t take much time)

For Foreign patients
For more detail and mode of payment
Send mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com
Call +91 9443054168, +91 9786901830

Professional secrecy will be maintained
(Your complaints and other Details should be kept very confidential)

24*7 Telephone Appointment Booking

Pls Call: 76 67 20 9080

Request for appointment

Rs 750/- (Seven hundred five rupees only)
(For one hour telephone Counselling or Direct Consultation-Counselling calculate according to the sittings)

Mode of Payment
1-Please pay Rs 750 in State Bank of India (SBI) any branch of INDIA in favour of Dr.D.Senthil Kumar A/C No: 10577754912 Payable at Panruti (IFS Code: SBIN0002251) Branch
Please pay Rs 750 in ICICI bank any branch in INDIA in favour of Dr.D.Senthil Kumar A/C No: 101401501103 Payable at Panruti (IFS Code: ICIC0001014)  Branch (Through core banking or net banking)
For abroad patients (please mail us to know the Fees + medicine charges + shipment charges) Pay through Western Union Money Transfer in favour of Dr.D.Senthil Kumar,
Note: Don’t forgot to mention your own Name, Age and Place (e.g. Kumar 29 Mumbai) in Remark section while making net banking, online payments

2-Please sent the payment details (Name, Age, Place, Date, Time & mode of Payment) through SMS to +919443054168, +919786901830 or Mail to consult.ur.dr@gmail.com

3-You will receive the Questionnaire for patients through mail within one or two working days. Then you need to fill and send back to us with previous reports & prescriptions (if you have). We will go through your case history. If we have any further more quires we will ask you through mail. Otherwise we will book you the medicines

4-You will receive the Medicines along with using details within 7 working days (in India), for abroad patients days may increase.

Professional secrecy will be maintained
(Your complaints and other Details should be kept very confidential)


No comments:

Please Contact for Appointment



Please answer this questionnaire in as great detail as possible and send it to our email for our analysis and evaluation. After the analysis we will get back to you regarding your case.





Marital status:



Phone numbers*:

Follow the instructions.

1) List out all your complaints. (Example headache, fever, diarrhoea, vomiting etc)

2) Kindly give a detailed description regarding each compliant

(some hints: i.e. what is your exact difficulty, what make you approach the doctor, what is the probable cause for the starting of the complaint ,since when is it present, is it increasing in severity or stand still or coming and going , what is the time in which your compliant is worsening or reducing, what make you give relief of the complaint , are there any associated symptoms with this complaint, is it related to the weather changes, change in diet, regarding the pain – the type of pain , where is it originating , where does it extend to . )

A) Kindly furnish details of your past illness and vaccinations (Past History)

b) Kindly furnish details if illness suffered by your father, mother, siblings, grand parents, Maternal & Paternal Aunts and uncles,


(a) Give details regarding your appetite, thirst, sleep, bowels, urine, Sweat

(b) Are there any specific desires and aversions in your diet?

(e.g.: sweets, sour foods, salty foods, etc.)

(c) Are you allergic or sensitive to any foods / articles / any other things?

(d) What kind of weather are you most comfortable in? / What is your reaction or tolerance to the different types of climate? (Summers, humid weather, winter)

(e) Are you particularly uncomfortable in any weather or climate?

(f) What about your dreams?

(g) Give details about your routine activities? Your schedule of the day? Give details about your behavioural patters, reactions to situations, your inner feelings, etc

Additional Information (if any)
kindly send the scanned copies of any previous Medical reports- blood, x-ray, MRI, CT scan


1-Age at onset of periods (menarche)?

2-Details of menstrual Periods? (Regular/Irregular),

Dates of last menstrual periods,

3-Details regarding the flow,



Associated symptoms,

Any discharges,

Are you using any contraceptive pills? Yes No

Any complaint before, during or after the menses?

Details of previous Abortions / pregnancies?

Number of children and whether the deliveries were normal?

Any post-delivery problems? Were the children breastfed or not?

Any problems during the breastfeeding phase?

Age of onset of menopause?

Did the periods cease gradually or abruptly? Gradually/ Abruptly

Have you had any operations done in the pelvic area? Give details

Additional information

Children’s (age, sex):

Skin colour:

Colour of nail:

Hair (colour, falling, thin/thick, split, dry/shiny etc…):




Face (oily/dry/combo):

If any other:

Please read the terms and conditions

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